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Next Step is a team of 40 seasoned professionals who each bring hands-on experience in sales, marketing or people and management development to our clients.


Next Step was founded in 1997 by Jennifer Vessels to maximize clients’ profitability and growth.

Next Step frequently provides speakers for conferences, trade shows, webinars, workshops and other events. Our upcoming engagements are listed below.

If you are interested in booking a Next Step speaker please contact our event coordinator to
inquire about topics and availability.

Thursday, 4th

Building Value from Start to Exit

As an entrepreneur, you have a dream for impact, growth and possible exit through merger or public listing. As market leaders Spotify, Adobe, Airbnb and many others have demonstrated, a great idea, implemented at the right time with a scalable commercial model leads to a dream come true.

Location: Artic Startup Helsinki Finland

Date: Thursday, May 4th |

Thursday, 11th | 9:00 to 11:30

Leading in Digital World

With the growth of new technologies and introduction of artificial intelligence and robotics, digitalization is a requirement for all organizations. With this and a new generation of ”digital natives” coming to work in today’s globalized and complex world, leadership models and cultures must change and adapt. “Business as usual” is not an option anymore.

Location: Oslo House of Innovation (OHOI) Skippergata 22, 0154 Oslo

Date: Thursday, May 11th | 9:00 to 11:30

Tuesday, 23rd

Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA)

Growth of revenue through new business models made possible by digitalization (using technology to enhance customer interaction, create new revenue streams and drive greater company value) is critical to success. Successful companies are championing new business models, services and use of technology to create incremental revenue streams and enhanced customer experience within their accounts.

Date: Tuesday, May 23rd |


Friday, 4th

Blues for Business

Today’s world is rapidly changing with technology, global competition and economic pressures growing at an accelerating pace. What’s a person to do? Listen to great blues of course! Music gives us inspiration and a dedication to making a difference in the world.

Location: Notodden Norway

Date: Friday, August 4th |

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