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Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) |   News Date : Apr. 5, 2017

2017 Conference Speaker Proposal Submission

Practical Ways to influence value creation through new digital revenue streams

Growth of revenue through new business models made possible by digitalization (using technology to enhance customer interaction, create new revenue streams and drive greater company value) is critical to success. Successful companies are championing new business models, services and use of technology to create incremental revenue streams and enhanced customer experience within their accounts.

Full utilization of digitalization provides business leaders with many opportunities for differentiation, new revenue streams and sustainable company valuation enhancements. Strategic Account Managers in particular are in a unique position to champion new revenue opportunities and lead digitalization-drive change within their own organization as well as within their clients’ organizations.

In this practical workshop, you will learn how other businesses have identified new revenue streams and opportunities then leveraged their role and technology to drive growth. This 75 minute session will include presentation of best practices including the real world successes in value creation.

During the session, participants will be given the opportunity to work in small groups to discuss and apply learning to their own clients / organizations. Next Step and our co-presenter(s) will provide feedback and input on the application and action plans participants have built.

Through the session, participants will be prepared (through presentation of best practices, case examples and workshop) to:

Congratulations, your session “Practical Ways SAMs can influence value creation through new digital revenue streams” was selected for inclusion in the 2017 Annual Conference agenda!

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