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Wednesday, 14th October

Oct. 2015 – FBI Conference 9 – 17:00 | Location: Samfunnsalen in Oslo Norway

Achieving Your Dream

Commitment, Creativity and Collaboration

14 October 2015 – FBI Conference 9 – 17:00  (

Key Message: We all have dreams … which can be  achieved through the ‘three Cs’ which empower women in the workplace – Commitment, Creativity and Collaboration.

During this inspirational speech and interactive activity led by Jennifer Vessels, CEO of Next Step, a Silicon Valley-based global consultancy, FBI participants will learn:

  • The role of commitment and belief in one’s self has fueled the success of Silicon Valley’s leading business women such as Sheryl Sandberg.
  • Why women bring are better able to leverage creativity to achieve their goals
  • Collaboration – how to leverage the ‘global village’ of success to achieve your dream

During the speech, attendees will have an opportunity to share and interact with one another to apply the concepts to their own dreams.

Facilitated by Jennifer Vessels, CEO Next Step

Location: Samfunnsalen in Oslo Norway

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