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Tuesday, 7th June

2016, | Location: Oslo International Hub

Driving Global Innovation: Collaboration between Academia, Community, Capital and Corporations

Through bountiful natural, academic and engineering / scientific resources, Norway can drive environmental, medtech, logistics, IoT and other innovations globally. However doing so successfully will require dedicated collaboration across the eco-system on academia, research, public and private capital, service providers and successful enterprises – integrating local and global perspectives.

Offered collaboratively by Oslo International House, Stanford Alumni Association, Next Step, Oslo City College and this engaging round table discussion will address:

  • Role Stanford and other higher education institutions in development of innovation culture in Silicon Valley and globally
  • Collaboration between global corporations, education, capital and entrepreneurship – practical examples of success
  • Embracing diversity in culture, perspective and education (need for city colleges, research institutions and universities as well as international culture diversity)
  • Collaboration across borders, roles and capabilities to build sustainable Oslo Innovation Culture

The program will start with short presentation of key points by panel moderator Jennifer Vessels,

Next Step, a global consultancy based in Silicon Valley; XX from Stanford (via skype or telepresence); Curt Rice, Oslo City College, + Rikke Eckhoff Høvding and/ or someone from Cisco/ DnB/ Statoil etc on the topics noted above, followed by questions from the participants and finally facilitated (by Jennifer) conclusion of ‘what we can do to bring Oslo to forefront of Global Innovation’.

This will be followed by a Summer Party in garden of OIH.

To register one should send email to [email protected]

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