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Tuesday, 27th August

1PM - 6PM | Location: Grundernes Hus, Oscars gate 27, Oslo

Innovation as a driving force of company’s success

Next Step and Edge Consultants would like to invite you to participate in this unique interactive workshop on innovation. We need your input on the following questions:

Is there something fundamentally wrong with today’s business system? Too often an immediate reflex in most established companies to economic shifts is to cut costs and increase efficiency instead of building long term value. Is this true for your business?

Management – drivers or a barriers for innovation? We’ll discuss how to get today’s management to challenge their own decision making process and linearity.

Will the next financial paradigm be defined by innovation? Everyone is invited to contribute in making this shift possible!

Through the workshop our goal is to inspire and challenge you.

We’ll ask you to bring a member of your management team (or two) and we promise a deep dive in probably the most important question: How do we and our businesses change in order to succeed in an innovation economy where everyone has defined innovation as the central force?

 The workshop is scheduled from 1-6, all participants are invited to a Garden Party and BBQ reception afterwards.

More information about this event and registration can be found here. (in Norwegian)


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