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Tuesday, 12th April

SAM as a Thought Leader in Customer Driven Innovation


In today’s competitive marketplace, the SAM has a great opportunity to excel as a thought leader in Customer Driven Innovation. By effectively selecting and leveraging the right social, mobile and collaboration tools to understand and influence the buyers’ journey, the SAM will drive greater strategic benefits and a much stronger relationship with their client(s).

This practical session will also explore ways in which the SAM can become a role model to assist his / her clients in their use of the latest innovations and tools to enhance their company’s customer experience. Participants will learn best practices for selection and implementation of the latest data gathering tools and analysis methods.

Today, top performers are 8 times more likely to be technology adopters. By leveraging big data tools for visualization, social listening and collaboration tools as well as social media and global collaboration solutions, the successful SAM with not only improve their client relationship but drive innovation and customer experience within their strategic account.

In this practical, interactive session, participants will learn:

  • How to gain greater customer insights using tools like Tableau, Qlik, Insideview and Hoovers. Techniques for collaboration within the team, partners and client with tools such as Google +, LinkedIn Sales, or Valkre
  • Ways to leverage and demonstrate use of business intelligence to become a Customer Driven Innovation Thought Leader

Takeaways from this session, include:

  • Ways you can achieve value creation and innovation through tools
  • Insights for selection and adoption of tools
  • Action plan to implement best practice

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