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Tuesday, 20th May

Location: Swan Dolphin Hotel Orlando, Florida

Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) 50th Annual Conference

May 19-22, 2014

Multiplying Results through Channels – Jennifer Vessels, CEO of Next Step will present a way to leverage channel partner relationship at the 50th Annual SAMA conference.

Exponential growth in sales results can require time, resources and plain hard work. There is a better way. Scalable growth at Adobe and other companies has been based on strong channel partner relationships – leveraged by SAM account managers and their clients.

During this one hour session, participants will learn best practices in building trust and leveraging channel partners of all types to maximize the SAM’s revenue success and growth. Participants will leave with new techniques to build trust with channel partners, develop joint account plans and bring greater value to their SAM accounts.

Topics include:
• Keys to building trust with channel partners
• Joint account planning to maximize results for SAM, customer and channel partner
• Changing role of ‘value add’ from the channel to the end customer
• How Adobe has developed and leveraged multiple channels to multiplied revenues over the past 5 years
• Three takeaways to multiply results with channels in your organization

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