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Thursday, 15th October

Oct. 2015 | Location: Oslo International Hub – 27 Oscarsgate Oslo Norway

The Road to Successful Fund Raising

For many entrepreneurs the greatest obstacle to success is the time, contacts and patience needed in raising seed capital and ongoing fund raising.  In fact, the 75% or greater failure rate of many Norwegian startups is due to lack of capital.

Overcoming this issue is possible by:

  • Refining your pitch to angels and VCs with a clear value proposition and go to market plan
  • Seeking alternative capital sources such as corporate investment, debt financing or crowdfunding
  • Accelerating customer adoption and revenues to provide funding
  • Connecting with international funding sources

During this interactive panel discussion moderated by (Jorn???) participants will hear the perspectives of:

  • Jennifer Vessels, CEO of Next Step based in Silicon Valley
  • XXXX Berlin
  • Someone from Alliance Venture, Startup Lab, etc in YYYY Oslo

At the conclusion of the panel discussion and Q&A session, two of the Oslo International Hub residents will ‘pitch’ the panel for feedback.

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