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Deep Root by admin |   posted: 01/10/2013

“The advisement and support Next Step’s team has provided to our company has helped tremendously in our ability to see what is needed to grow. With their assistance (in people development, recruitment, compensation, sales process and training) we exceeded our revenue plan for 20% growth last year and are moving forward with our needed next steps for future growth.”

Odd Bernhard Torkildsen by admin |   posted: 01/10/2013

“For years, we struggled in gaining funding, collaboration with partners or initial pilot customer traction.  Thanks to the clarification of message and focus through Next Step, we are now in discussions with organizations which can provide resources, funding and paths into the global market.”

Deep Root by admin |   posted: 01/10/2013

“In the past two years while working with Next Step, Deep Root’s growth has been extraordinary – we have met our goals and are in the best possible position for the New Year. Thank you to the Next Step team – we couldn’t be where we are today without you.”

Websense by admin |   posted: 01/10/2013

“Thanks much to the Next Step team for great facilitation of our worldwide sales conference. With over 250 sales people, 32 example cases presented by sales people and new account and territory planning methodologies, Next Step’s team of 8 facilitators were amazingly adaptable, professional and engaging.”

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