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Next Step is a team of 40 seasoned professionals who each bring hands-on experience in sales, marketing or people and management development to our clients.


Next Step’s consultants are experts at taking companies to the next step of growth. We frequently publish white papers, articles and other documents, which we would like to share here with our clients, partners and business community.

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Business Transformation

Digitalize for Success:  Getting Started

Join Next Step, Adobe and Enonic for Digitalize for Success: Getting Started Event in London England on 27 June at 6:00 – 9:00.

Digital Revenue Growth: Getting Started Tips

Customers today demand convenience, ease of access and personalized offerings from corporations such as GE, Otis Elevator, and many smaller companies.  By offering digital services, software interfaces and ‘pay for use’ business models, many traditional companies are reaching new market segments, delighting their customers and creating new highly valuable revenue streams.

Leading Digitalization: Nordic Happiness Pays Off

Digitalization, the use of technology to streamline work processes, access information and improve global productivity can be considered the ‘next big paradigm shift’, impacting the way we all work, live and relate to one another. As with all change, this brings both benefits and challenges.

Venture Capital: The Dream or Curse?

To many entrepreneurs, a key milestone on the path of success is attracting and securing venture funding.  An even greater aspiration is funding from a US investor.

Digitalization: Great Opportunity for Norwegian Success 

The rapid advances in technological capabilities, combined with global growth of entrepreneurialism and the ‘sharing economy’ bring many new opportunities for Norway. However, there can be challenges as new digital competitors compete with traditional corporations in all industries and today’s buyers demand engaging digital access to what they need when they need it.

The Traveler’s Journey via Value Travel Value Network

Like all industries, the world of travel is evolving rapidly through technological innovation and changing consumer demographics. The ubiquity of technology today makes it easy for travelers to learn about various destinations, then select and book flights, rooms, tours and many related products and services – all from mobile or web devices. Traditional travel agencies, hotels, tour agencies and airport shopping are often circumvented as travelers ‘self-plan’ their own experience.

Leading in Digitalized World

The ubiquitous use of technology from apps such as Uber, artificial intelligence by Facebook through robotics in all industries is driving change in the way company’s view and utilize ‘human resources’.

Digitalization – Is Your Business Ready?

Through effective use and leverage of technology, service-based business models and enhanced customer experience, organizations such as Adobe, Daimler Benz, Hilton and Schibsted Finn have achieved growth in revenue, profit and market valuation. Across all industries, digital capabilities, along with new market dynamics and buying patterns are driving the need for change.

Travel Value Network of the Future: Role of Digitalization

Like all industries, the world of travel is evolving rapidly through technological innovation and changing consumer demographics. As many studies* have shown, the lucrative tourists of the future are middle-class residents of USA, Central Europe, China and Middle East, who leverage technology to choose destinations, providers, and experiences. Their selections are based on ease of access and perceived quality and uniqueness of experience. While traveling, these passengers spend freely on local products and adventures, then openly share their experiences and opinions to their communities back at home.

Digitalization is More than Technology Usage

Today, ‘digitalization’ is the hot topic, buzzword and goal of most organizations – from industrial companies through startups and public/government entities.  However the term ‘digitalization’ is frequently (mis) used to describe use of mobile and other technology in one’s daily life and work.

Digitalize for Relevance

“Those who don’t change will become extinct”. In 2015, IDC predicted that 30% of the top companies in any industry would be overtaken by a new competitor by 2017. Reality shows this was a conservative view.

Building an Innovation Culture – Silicon Valley Style

Innovation is one of the most critical contributors to national and global growth. Achievement of sustained success in areas such as Silicon Valley, can be attributed to many factors leading to an Innovation Culture.

Flexible Worker Model

Workers and businesses alike favor flexibility and independence. Work only when you want and how much you want; work hard and play hard. Businesses want to hire based on immediate need with coverage around the clock – scalability is key. The rise of the new worker model is hampered by dated laws that fail to recognize and adopt to the new model. Learn from the panelists how to achieve scalability and flexibility in the U.S. and abroad; when to hire independent contractors vs. employees; when, how to safely classify a worker as exempt; discuss recent industry examples and trends.

2020 Vision: Trends that Impact Us

Due to the growth of technology combined with changing population demographics, our lives and businesses are changing rapidly. Gain 2020 vision to what is driving the change and how today’s trends can positively impact you.

Creating Value in Disrupted World

Digitalization, innovation and global competition are changing the rules for company success globally. Learn how you and your business can remain relevant and create value in a disrupted world.

Business Model and Value Proposition

(White Paper)
Can company’s “value proposition” and the potency of its “business model” create perception of winners and losers?

From Product Vendor to Service Provider

(White Paper)
Gain lasting competitive advantage through Servitization. Use new technologies to transform your entire organization to a new business model that is agile and responsive to today’s customer 

Improving Value

The ability to work anywhere on any device has revolutionized all aspects of work.Employees, partners and customers expect instant access to tools and real-time data on their personal devices anywhere in the world at any time. This is only possible through cloud computing technology.

The Multi-Generational Workforce Challenge

(White Paper)
Thrive with the Multi-Generational Workforce of the Future. The Millennials are coming—75 million of them. They are the latest generation n the workforce and their work styles, perspectives, expectations and demands are driving change in the workforce.

The Next Generation in Channel Partnerships

Learn ways to turn your transactional Channel Partner into a Strategic Partner


Now is the Time to Take out the Buts

Innovators in Silicon Valley and other areas known for entrepreneurship such as Israel, Austin and recently Finland bring a strong passion, willingness to take a risk and strong commitment to execution. This ‘hunger to succeed’ – professionally and personally can be driven by need, competition or sheer personal desire to make a difference.

Funding and Success

The entrepreneur’s dream starts with receiving funding and bringing a great idea into the world. However the real dream of success requires a fast, strong revenue curve and profitability.

Funding Differences

While Silicon Valley and Oslo share a strong passion for technological innovation with a growing desire for Norwegian entrepreneurs to achieve the dream of international success, the path to funding success is quite different in Silicon Valley.

Path to Success

Successful global growth of technology, life science and sustainability innovations are the future. However, sustainable growth requires more than a product idea. It demands skillful commercialization to drive customer adoption and revenue generation.

Why Companies Fail in International Expansion Efforts

Many U.S. companies who are facing revenue struggles at home are being lured by the bright lights of international expansion, by the drumbeat of globalization and by the vision of vast untapped markets of consumers or business buyers overseas.


App World Silicon Valley

(Tip Sheet)
Between 2008 when Apple launched the App Store and today’s milestone of 100 billion downloads (as announced by Tim Cook at the Apple Developers Conference in San Francisco), millions of developers have endeavored to build ‘the killer app’.

Becoming a Good Networker

(Tip Sheet)
Networking is critical to lead generation and business growth – these six tips provide the foundation for anyone to become a good networker.

Navigating Channel Relationships Today

(Tip Sheet)
The race to the cloud is revolutionizing sales channels for product vendors, and now organizations and their channel partners must adapt to thrive in the changing marketplace.

Struggling to Get Noticed

(Tip Sheet)
Gaining prospect and customer attention is the objective of all marketeers. By following these key tips to get noticed you can break through the communication clutter to reach your desired targets.


Selling Way Customers Buy

With the wide-spread growth of tools for customer behavior tracking and engagement, many buyers have become accustomed to ‘offers’ and opportunities to expand, enhance or replace solutions even before they realize they have needs! For companies providing ‘as a service’ solutions, the traditional sales process has evolved to a ‘customer engagement and behavior response’ process through which needs are anticipated and addressed – often without involvement of a ‘sales person’.

Sales Channels Drive Growth

As many a serial entrepreneur including Johan Attby, CEO of FishBrain and Swedish Founder of the Year knows, revenue and customer attainment is the key to successful growth for all companies. However, reaching and winning new customers is challenging – especially for unknown or small companies. Gaining awareness and developing trust with buyers can be costly and fraught with error. An alternative path is to develop relationships with ‘channel partners’. Simply put, this is a way of reaching end customers through their relationships with trusted companies from which they are already buying other products.

Everybody Sells to Increase Results

During this unusual economic situation, businesses are experiencing increased pressure to generate more productivity from all parts of their business—including the sales area.

Hiring Sales Leader

While there are many obstacles to growing a sustainable, successful company, the most impactful mistake often made by executives in organizations of all sizes, industries and locations, is in hiring the right sales leader. The following real world case example (using a fictional name) illustrates the impact of many of the common practices in selecting and managing a new sales leader.

Value Sales: The Road to Better Sales

(Tip Sheet)
Sales success today is dependent upon the sales representative’s ability to align their message, approach and offering to the perceived value of the customer or prospect.


Achieving Productivity Across Diverse Workforce

(White Paper)
Gaining more revenue and profitability from the existing workforce is often viewed as the key to business success. Consistently achieving this goal requires a culture of acceptance and support for the needs of the various generations and workstyles in the organization. This white paper provides techniques to increase productivity of Millennial generation and the full workforce – gained from research and real world experience.

Building Organizational Capacity Through Leadership

(Tip Sheet)
Learn five ways your leadership style can help build more accountability and capacity in your organization

Building Success Team

Great companies are built from talented people working together for a common goal. In a strong economy with VC funded startups providing high levels of compensation and perks, competition for these great people can be fierce. Learn now you can compete.

Employee Expectations

(Tip Sheet)
Setting, managing and meeting employee expectations is one of the greatest challenges and requirements for effective People Development.

Employee Retention

(Tip Sheet)
Developing and leveraging a great team of employees is direct path to profitable growth.

Hiring Process

(Tip Sheet)
Hiring the right people is critical to building a successful company. Learn key tips for successful selection of the best people for your organization.

Learning for Results

(White Paper)
“Successful companies achieve better business results than industry peers, because they invest in training their employees.” However training investments often do not pay off… Alternatively, organizations can adopt a learning program that delivers powerful business results.

MultiGenerational Communications

(Tip Sheet)
In a notable breakthrough with one of our clients, Next Step created an effective method of communication between Baby Boomer managers and their Millennial employees.

Professional Development

Email Writing

(Tip Sheet)
Email is the primary method of communication in all industries. However using it effectively to communicate intended messages can be difficult.

Making Meetings Masterful

(Tip Sheet)
Meetings should be a precious resource; unfortunately they are treated like a necessary evil.

Making Most of Time

If you are like most people, you struggle to find enough time to complete everything on your daily or weekly to-do list.

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