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Scale with Next Step

Real bottom line marketing results – delivered through compelling marketing messages, programs, communications and channel lead generation.


Marketing drives demand and fuels sales results. Next Step’s marketing services deliver real results.

Effective marketing planning requires understanding the target audience’s needs and buying processes. Unlike most marketing agencies, Next Step begins with understanding the sales process and needs and then building channel, direct, field and product marketing programs proven to deliver results.

Since each client is different, Next Step’s team develops then leverages an understanding of the clients’ target audience, ideal path to market growth and value proposition. Our team of 40 seasoned professionals, led by a Next Step Engagement Manager assesses your needs and then they efficiently define the message, marketing communication tools, web presence, social media outreach, lead generation and channel programs to increase your market presence and demand.

Market Expansion

Whether it is a new product area or geography, successfully entering a new market is often more challenging than it appears. Next Step can provide a ‘turnkey’ solution for companies’ successful and timely expansion into new markets including global expansion.

Read about how Next Step can help your company with global expansion.

Our Marketing Consulting Services

Next Step provides the resources and experience to maximize results in all aspects of field, corporate, product, channel and online marketing.  Details on each specific service can be found in the following datasheets.

In addition to marketing consulting, Next Step also offers marketing training.

Next Step takes a holistic approach to marketing – ensuring marketing investments pay off in real sales results – up to 25% revenue results within 3 months.

How can we help you?

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What Our Clients Say

“During our period of growth and transition, I am not sure what we would have done with Next Step – their team’s support, insight and guidance has been hugely valuable to us.”

Emily Hall,
OliveGrove Consulting