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Grow your business

Sales success requires the right sales team, process, management and supporting resources.


Our sales enablement programs deliver real sales results – as much as a 25% revenue increase.

Next Step services increase clients’ results by improving sales productivity, refining sales processes, and sales channel enablement, and by building effective sales teams. Our team of 40 professionals has expertise in all aspects of sales recruitment, compensation, planning and management. As demonstration of our holistic approach, we often support clients in implementation and improved use of Sales Automation Solutions (such as, incentive planning and sales tool development.

Since 1997, many clients have turned to Next Step to assist them in defining sales strategies, transitioning from a direct sales to a channel model, expanding into distribution or implementing a multi-channel sales program.  We bring knowledge and resources to address client needs in each of these areas.

Expected Results

Working with Next Step

Increases sales results through improved sales processes, sales productivity, sales, compensation plans, recruitment and coaching.

Our Consulting Services

Next Step provides the resources and experience to increase sales results through:

In addition to sales consulting, Next Step also offers sales training which is customized, modular and proven to deliver revenue and productivity improvements.

Growing a sales team and developing the right sales approach is not easy – Next Step brings the knowledge, resources and practical approaches to maximize success.

How can we help you?

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What Our Clients Say

“Next Step’s team was excellent at understanding our needs then collaborating with us to define a sales process, methodology and training program based on the way we need to sell – way above other firms and vendors.”

Tim Gaines,

Next Step helps ShoreTel