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What do we offer?

Next Step delivers 300% return on training investment through customized, modular programs which incorporate real world application, coaching and JIT reinforcement to maximize retention.


Next Step’s unique approach delivers real ROI and results.

Corporate training programs ‘teach’ what the learner should do differently but we all know that ‘doing’ is different than ‘knowing’.  Next Step’s sales, professional development, management and marketing training programs are designed so the participant crosses the ‘knowing-to-doing gap. We achieve this by including real world examples and, most importantly, field work assignments to be completed between training modules.

Next Step has already made the investment in the development of our 50 course curriculum. This curriculum is both modular and customizable including real world scenarios, terminology and activities to enhance the learners’ experience and improve their retention.

Because studies consistently show that the impact of training is increased 200 – 500% when the new skills are reinforced through follow-up and coaching by the learner’s manager, our programs include specific training for managers in Developmental Coaching. This six step process allows the manager or a peer coach to enhance the learners’ development of skills in the real world, while instituting a proven management best practice.

Next Step courses can be delivered through online self-study, web-based interactive learning, video/telepresence or in classroom workshops. They can be facilitated globally by seasoned Next Step facilitators or instructors certified through Next Step’s Train the Trainer programs.

What areas can Next Step provide expand your team’s skills

  • Marketing Training Programs – Next Step’s marketing training programs are designed so participants can bring their own projects into the workshops to learn and apply skills directly to their real world assignments. By practicing new skills such as developing a value proposition, refining messaging or creating a ‘go-to-market’ plan during the training program, clients experience a very high return on training investment and participants leave the program confident and capable of long term success.
  • Sales Training Programs – Your sales force’s time is valuable, all Next Step’s programs are modular and include real world exercises and field assignments to speed application of the concepts in the real world. Development Coaching by Managers and reinforcement job aids, including mobile applications and integration with the company’s Sales Force Automation system can be built into your customized program.
  • Professional Development Programs – Next Step’s broad modular curriculum can be customized to develop the right program to deliver results for each client whether the challenge is in accountability and goal setting, demonstrating professionalism to clients, teamwork in a diverse environment, responding to change or dealing with difficult situations.
  • Leadership Training Programs – our Pocket MBA program provides a modular, customized 6 month leadership development platform for growth. Coaching (either by Next Step’s team or the training program participant’s manager) using Next Step’s Developmental Coaching process, maximizes retention of learning and clients’ return on training investment.
  • Cisco Business Learning Programs – Next Step is a Cisco-certified Business Learning Partner and can help your team develop their selling skills around the Cisco architectures.

How can we help you?

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What Our Clients Say

“This is great – I and all of our team members have been through many sales training programs but this has really made a difference for us”

Jim Burr,
WHI Solutions