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Keith Bloss specializes in voice-over work and content writing.  In addition he spent 24 years as an air traffic controller and training specialist for the FAA and 8 years as a tower controller and trainer for the USAF.

Some of Keith’s prior successes have included:

Keith’s clients have included DEI, Gay USA Pages and WCG.

Before becoming a consultant in 2009, Keith spent 32 years in the air traffic control field for the USAF and the FAA.

Keith has attended 2 years of college toward an aviation degree and has been certified in several areas of air traffic and training.  In addition Keith has gone through several classes and private tutoring in the field of voice over.

Keith currently volunteers in many capacities including serving as an Elder at his church, working for Churches in Partnership, a community garden feeding those in need and DBX (Daily Bread Express), a program used to provide home bound clients daily meals throughout the Portland metro area.