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Amy Karam is a certified Stanford Instructor and a Marketing & Sales Consultant, specializing in competitive strategy, global market expansion and sales enablement. The diversity of her 15+ years of international experience in competitive, marketing, and business development roles at companies like Cisco and Nortel, provides a holistic and realistic perspective in her engagements. She has also trained sales teams and project managers worldwide, in an engaging and effective style.

Unique to Amy’s diverse international expertise is her extensive experience in Emerging Markets and in competing with new market entrants.

Some of Amy’s prior successes include:

Developed and led a CEO-sponsored global competitive strategy and sales support program which involved advising Senior Executives on initiatives required to effectively compete with an emerging entrant; and training the worldwide sales teams on how to strategically position in order to win business.

Influenced sales effectiveness and a decline in lost sales, as a result of worldwide sales training and deal support program (spanned 50 countries, 275 deals/year, approx. $750M).

Instituted a Value-Selling and total business solution positioning approach to combat price-wars with emerging competitors.

Proactively introduced new methodologies and sales initiatives to address unique Emerging Markets competitive requirements, which amplified their success and visibility.

Revamped Customer Marketing Program strategy at a mid-sized company, achieving heightened relevance and revenue impact with customers and sales teams; sharpened identification of priority target customers.

Designed, developed and delivered Portfolio Strategy Workshops for Start-up CXOs that rationalized strategy goals with realistic ability to deliver, optimized revenue flows and maximized return on investment.

Created Competitive Intelligence Program for medium-sized cloud back-up company, and accelerated time-to-creation and execution. Broadened vision and strategy resulted in successful stakeholder involvement. Formulation of detailed sales enablement plans served as effective execution assets.

Business development and execution of Offer Definition and Go-to-Market engagements with Tier 1 customers and channel partners (e.g. AT&T, Sprint, XO, Bell Canada) that accelerated time-to-market and increased revenue streams for both partners.

Fostered public/private sector collaboration through business development sessions with the World Bank, ITU-D and Government leaders of Emerging Countries, bridging national development goals with applicable technology solutions.

Contributed to an accelerated growth of sales to a $1B organization by managing the positioning and messaging of group strategy, priorities and offers to a team of 2000 people.

Creation and delivery of professional development courses such as Communications Management, Building Customer Relationships, Innovation and Creativity, Leading Effective Teams.

The spectrum of functional roles that Amy has held enables her to address the range of stages in the sales enablement lifecycle, and to bridge the gap between marketing and sales groups, thereby enhancing sales effectiveness.

She has an International MBA and a Bachelor of Administration, having studied at the University of Ottawa and at McGill University. She also completed the Innovation for Economic Development Program at the Harvard Kennedy School.