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Kate Mulligan’s career began in the investment banking industry, a serious tangent from the advertising and photojournalism training she received in college. To broaden her diverse background, she studied Australian public policy while attending graduate school in Australia.

Ultimately, Kate settled in the field of communications and has been involved with creating and communicating messages for the business world for the past 20 years.

Kate has partnered with start ups and Fortune 100 companies to create messaging and produce events including product launches, sales meetings, press events, and trade shows. She has designed multi-media and employee training programs for internal audiences, and created public relations programs and marketing campaigns to reach key press targets and industry influencers.

As a corporate trainer, Kate has led workshops for newly hired engineers and field sales representatives on the basics of business etiquette and worked with managers and employees on how to succeed in a multi-generational workplace.

In keeping with Kate’s varied experience, she has also provided marketing and other consulting guidance to companies in the enterprise storage, consumer products, biotechnology, non-profit, financial services and health care industries.

Kate combines her journalism and sales experience to interview clients’ customers and partners for marketing research and also write success stories for marketing and sales use. She works with key executives to raise their company and personal profiles by speaking at major industry events and conferences. She has also trained newly hired engineers on the basics of business etiquette as a key to success in a competitive environment.

Some of Kate’s clients have included Hewlett-Packard; Intel; Sun Microsystems; Cisco; Visa International; Acuson Corporation; Acumen Pharmaceuticals; Syntex Laboratories; Varian; LifeScan, a Johnson and Johnson Company; Chiron; Goodwill Industries of the Greater East Bay; Unitus; Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream; Haagen-Dazs; Torani and McCormick and Company. Torani, a San Francisco based maker of culinary flavoring products, is one of Kate’s favorite clients because they always make her a flavored latte before a meeting.