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Digitalization Executive Forums

With the rapid growth of new technologies, global buying patterns and sharing economy business models, traditional businesses are faced with a paradigm shift that can best be compared to the transition from farming to the industrial age. As predicted by IDC in 2015, by 2018, 30% of the top companies in all industries will be overtaken by a ‘new market competitor’.

For many business leaders, the transformation required for success in the digital world can be daunting. Next Step’s Digitalization Executive Forum Program provides Norwegian business executives and their organizations with resources to facilitate their transition into the digital age.

Through quarterly meetings 2 ½ hours in length, CEOs, COOs, Business Leaders and Digital Transformation Officers, along with entrepreneurs within a similar industry meet to learn, share and identify opportunities to collaborate to create:

  • Innovative digital solutions
  • New business models, revenue streams and markets for products and services
  • Organizational culture to support digital business and future growth
  • Ways to attract, select and engage employees
  • Value network partnerships, alliances and revenue sharing opportunities
  • Operational efficiencies through digitalization of work processes
  • Pilot projects and initiatives to move into digital world

A specific theme and agenda is defined (based on member input) for each Forum Session and  relevant guest speakers / expertsare invited to participate and share experience, ideas and innovations. Forum Sessions are hosted by member company or a selected and agreed upon technology company (such as Microsoft or Cisco).

Participation in the Digital Executive Forum is by invitation only. If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Vessels – [email protected] or via phone (1) 650 361 1902 or  (47) 90230982.