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Executive Growth Alliance

Successful business leadership can be challenging and exhilarating especially with increasing customer demands, economic and global pressures and technological innovation.

This Global membership program allows executives to share, learn and collaborate with industry leaders to enhance their skills and their organization’s future success.

Through participation, members have achieved:

  • Enhanced revenue through new business models and services
  • Greater productivity and future-readiness of global teams
  • Faster time to market for new offerings through collaboration
  • Increased customer satisfaction, adoption and renewal rates

Membership by corporations or individuals provides access to:

  • Quarterly roundtable discussion forums
  • Global alliances, collaboration, and networking opportunities
  • Resource library access to industry analysis, trends, and executive events
  • Focus group, innovation testing and business development acceleration
  • Executive coaching and development resources

In the Words of Members:

“Unlike other programs, the Next Step Executive Growth Program helps me learn through the open exchange of knowledge, challenges, and ideas with leading industry executives.”

“The insight and relationships I have built through the Executive Growth Program has contributed significantly to my company’s success through networking and collaborating with other program members.”

“This program uniquely provides learning, resource access and practical assistance for corporate and entrepreneurial executives.”

Executive Growth Program Membership is by invitation only. If interested please send a request for membership and we will then provide more information on the appropriate program for your organization.