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Tuesday, 17th June

11 AM (Pacific) | ONLINE

Webinar – 2020 Vision: From Product Vendor to Service Provider

Successful Business Transformation to the Cloud 

New technologies are changing the competitive landscape in almost every industry. The ability to launch products and services in the cloud has reduced barriers to entry for new companies and other possible competitors, and reduced barriers to switching products and services for customers. The combination of more competition and easier switching is driving increased customer expectations and demands. In order to retain customers and expand business further, organizations must transform their offerings so that they are more customer-centric, personalized, and offered on a “pay as you go” or subscription basis. 

Making this transformation is not as simple as flipping a switch. Successful transformation requires careful planning and execution across all aspects of the business to transform to a new business model. Over the past three years, Next Step has successfully led companies through that transformation – from organizational alignment, change management and Go to Market execution. 

Through participation in this webinar you will learn the key success factors for transformation of your business model from selling products to servitization. 

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