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Thursday, 12th November

Nov. 2015 8:30 AM | Location: Oslo Tech Rooftop Conference Center

Building a Success Team – Through Leveraging Your Network

Key Message: You can’t do it alone – bringing a technology to market requires multiple skills–technical, creative, commercial and management.  For Kahoot, Unacast, Spotify and other successful Nordic companies, having the right team in place has been critical to success.  However defining the needed competencies, values and experience then identifying and recruiting the right people for key roles in management, development, marketing/sales can be challenging. During this practical breakfast seminar you will learn how best practices from Silicon Valley can be applied to build a  Success Team in Norway.  It will include a set of practical exercises through which participants’ will begin to define the competencies needed on their company’s success team. Since team building can be best accomplished through a strong network, the program will include best practices in networking and a hands-on opportunity to practice networking with other participants who may have connections to the right future team members.

Target audience: Business owners and executives and entrepreneurs


November 12 at Oslo Tech in Rooftop Conference Center
8:30 am Registration
9:00 am Building Success Team Program
10:00 am Break
10:10 Networking Best Practices with practical exercise for application
11:00 Summary and Action Plan
11:15 Conclusion

Program Outline:

  • Why and when you should consider building a team
  • Timing to bring in ‘sales’ business development or other leadership team members
  • Keys to identifying the right person for each role
  • The role of the network
  • How to leverage network to identify and the right team members
  • Action Plan – what will YOU do to implement what you learned today



Jennifer Vessels,  CEO of Next Step a global 40 person consultancy based in Silicon Valley brings over 30 years proven experience driving successful business (revenue) growth for global companies including Adobe, Cisco, Google, Lily, Opera, Xing and many other technology, life sciences, services and sustainablity companies.

In the 90’s Jennifer  Jennifer led Tandberg’s international expansion and in 1997 as Tandberg USA was launched, she returned to Silicon Valley and founded Next Step. Her passion for bringing great Nordic innovations into the global market combined with practical sales, marketing and people development best practices make Jennifer a sought after speaker for GartnerGroup, Investor Conferences, Executive Leadership Groups and international conferences.

Jennifer holds a MBA from San Jose State and a Masters of Occupational Psychology from the University of London, as well as being a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).


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