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Wednesday, 16th October

11 AM | Location: WEBINAR ONLINE

The Great Debate: Is Solution Selling Dead?

Is the world of sales rapidly changing, or are the fundamentals of sales success the same as ever?

The Harvard Business Review proclaimed “The End of Solution Sales” last year. Soon, best-selling books such as “The Challenger Sale” and “To Sell is Human” added new perspectives on the world of sales and how it is evolving.

But is Solution Selling really dead? Aren’t the basic fundamentals of sales as important as they’ve always been?

Attend this interactive webinar where two successful thought leaders weigh in on this topic in a debate. Suzanne McLarnon with over 20 years of experience as a strategic leader and organization builder represents Next Step, a company with 40 sales consultants, that successfully “teaches and preaches” Solution Selling. Mike Schmidtmann coaches Information Technology companies to build sales, and finds that fast-adapting companies need new skills and approaches to be successful.

October 16th at 11am

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