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Thursday, 17th October

9AM - 11AM | Location: Gründernes Hus, Oscars gate 27 Oslo, Norway

Keys to Profitable Growth through US Expansion

Two and half hour practical workshop for Nordic entrepreneurs and executives

Today great innovations and businesses are not restricted by geographic boundaries. As an entrepreneur, you have access to European, Asian and American markets. However success in these markets requires a clear expansion strategy, executed through skilled sales, marketing and business management techniques.

During the past two years, over 90% of the Norwegian companies entering the US market have failed within 18 months and even more within 2 ½ years of market entry. This seminar offered by Silicon Valley leader, Jennifer Vessels provides practical, hands-on guidance for entrepreneurs ready for or considering expansion or ways to do business with and in the United States.

During the program, you will learn, discuss and begin to apply proven techniques to:

  • Determine the most effective approach to develop business in the US.
  • Define and prepare to use a compelling ‘value proposition’ to gain attention in the US.
  • Identify and initiate the most appropriate sales strategy for your target market.
  • Build initial relationships with partners to support growth in US.
  • Plan a cost-effective approach for marketing.

The US economy is rebounding – now is the time to learn the keys to profitable growth through US expansion.

“Companies don’t fail due to a bad idea…. They fail due to poor execution and lack of an effective business and sales plan.” Mark Siegel, Partner Menlo Ventures

Program Facilitator:

The seminar will be led by Jennifer Vessels, CEO of Next Step.

With many years of experience building and leading international sales and marketing teams, Jennifer was based in Oslo leading Tandberg’s international expansion in the mid 90’s. After the launch of Tandberg USA in 1997, she returned to Silicon Valley to launch Next Step. Since then Jennifer and Next Steps team of 40 professionals have led Cisco’s launches of Unified Communications, Security, E-learning platforms;  market introduction for Palm as first smart phone and most recently Adobe’s transition from traditional software to a cloud service business model. She holds an MBA from San Jose State University and MS in Occupational Psychology from University of London and is a highly acclaimed speaker worldwide.

Date: October 17, 2013

Time: TBC

Location: Gründernes Hus. Oscars gate 27, 0352 Oslo, Norway

Please email us for date and time details and to register.

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