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Monday, 28th April

1 PM - 2:30 PM | Location: Oakland Convention Center Oakland, CA

Making the Case: Examples of HR Initiatives at the Board Level

Learn how to deliver a compelling value proposition to encourage investments in HR initiatives. Jennifer Vessels will speak at the NCHRA conference HR West 2014 conference on examples of HR Initiatives at the Board Level.

While many executives talk about the importance of people in the organization, it is not unusual for sales, research and development, or other financial concerns to override HR’s initiatives. In order to leverage your seat at the table and move HR initiatives forward, HR leaders must be skilled at making the case for HR where it counts—at the board level.

In this session, participants will see examples of business cases for HR initiatives and then have the opportunity to develop their own case for a relevant HR initiative. 

  • Quantify business value of people within the organization
  • Leverage examples to define a business case for HR initiatives
  • Create and then communicate a compelling statement of the business value of  investment(s) in HR initiatives

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