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Next Step offers complimentary access to past webinars which provide tips, tools, techniques and strategies to related to Business Transformation, Globalization, Commercialization and Organizational Growth.

20/20 Series

How Current Technology and Business Trends Will Affect You?

It is undeniable – we are living in a global economy with rapidly accelerating change. What is driving the consumerization, 24×7 worklife blend and movement ‘to the Cloud’? Learn why and how you can keep up with change in today’s world in this webinar held in 2014.

Product Vendor to Service Provider Successful Servitization

Companies in virtually every industry can deliver unprecedented value to their customers through new technologies powered by the emergence of the cloud.  Through servitization companies can increase customer loyalty, gain new and predictable revenue streams, and gain significant competitive advantage.

The Changing Role of the Channel

Industry experts estimate that 60% of the existing reseller channel will disappear over the next several years due to their inability to adapt themselves to the changing technology and competitive landscape.   Yet the need for channel partners that can add value and provide excellent customer experiences remains high. But the rules of the game have changed.  Existing channel partners will either need to transform themselves  or they will be displaced by new types of resellers with new skills and new business models.  Dina Moskowitz, founder and CEO of SaaSMaX, and Sophia Abramovitz join Jennifer for a discussion of how companies can effectively use new types of channel partners in today’s changing paradigm.

The Future of the CIO

54%  of surveyed CXO’s stated they expect their IT organization to be replaced completely by 2016. Cloud based systems, offering everything from ERP and CRM to unified communications and IT infrastructure “as a service”  are fundamentally changing the role of the IT department and the CIO.  Industry experts from CIO Professional Services and Norton Enterprises join Next Step CEO Jennifer Vessels for a lively, forward looking, panel filled with practical ideas on ways that CIOS can prepare themselves and their departments to provide maximum value in the years to come.

Professional and Personal Development

How to Succeed in a Multi-generational Workforce

Whether a “Traditionalist”, “Baby Boomer”, “Gen-Xer” or “Millennial” (also called “Generation Y”), the more workers know about each other’s style, perspective and expectations, the faster an organization can reach or maintain peak performance. Managing a workforce that spans over 60 years in age is a special challenge that Next Step’s team is uniquely qualified to take on for its clients.


The Great Debate – Is Solution Selling Dead?

A Webinar debate between two industry experts: Next Step’s consultant Suzanne McLarnon and  Mike Schmidtmann from 4-Profit, originally aired in October 2013. Watch and send us your opinion!

Maximize Sales Results by Lead Nurturing

Informative webinar on definition, benefits, principles and implementation of successful  sales-ready lead and lead nurturing program.

Five Tactics to Increase Business Profitability

This Powerpoint presentation of a webinar provides tips on quick hitting tactics to increase sales results, improve employee productivity, increase return on marketing investments, and improve your customer experience.


Next Step’s seminars, conference keynotes and workshops provide global education and inspiration for Business Transformation, Globalization, Commercialization and Organizational Growth.

Microsoft Partner Event

Based on the discussion in the Partner Executive Meeting, we would challenge you to start now to build deeper customer relationships especially with the Business Decision Makers. To start the process, consider setting a goal for your sales personnel.

Entrepreneurial Success – Silicon Valley Style

Do you have a dream, an idea that you believe will change the world? Does life as a trailblazing entrepreneur excite you?

Learn what it takes to be an Entrepreneur – Silicon Valley Style from Next
Step CEO Jennifer Vessels

Leading during uncertainty is challenging

Learn the top three tips to turn crisis into opportunity from Next Step CEO Jennifer Vessels discussion with Silicon Valley Leadership Expert Karen Colligan