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Expand globally

Success today often equates to establishing a presence globally. Since 1997 Next Step has increased global sales and delivered positive revenue results for international companies expanding into the US.

Global Expansion

Increase revenue by expanding into new markets locally or globally.

Through the breadth of marketing, sales, and people development expertise within the Next Step team, we are uniquely positioned as a ‘one stop resource’ for international companies seeking global expansion.

For each client, the Next Step Engagement Manager identifies the most appropriate marketing plan and sales approach and then leverages our proven processes to create market demand, develop appropriate channels and partners and build the sales team to deliver revenue results within 12 – 18 months.

Global Expansion Success

Next Step helps a German company MediaAnalyzer establish a recognized presence in the U.S.

Next step developed a business strategy, operations, budget, and a go-to-market plan for MediaAnalyzer’s U.S. operations. In addition, the team applied marketing, recruitment and employee development expertise to help the company succeed.

“We partnered with Next Step because the company understood the U.S. market as well as European business models and cultures,” explained MediaAnalyzer Chairman, Wolfgang Hierneis.

MediaAnalyzer is now able to help its growing list of U.S. customers improve the return on their advertising expenditures. Next Step continues to help MediaAnalyzer improve the return on investments in their U.S. expansion based on a proven process.

Next Step is your go-to partner for expanding into new markets.

How can we help you?

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What Our Clients Say

“After attending many conferences and meetings, I participated in the Next Step co-sponsored program with Oslo Innovation Center on ways to grow your business. Thanks to this program, we are now in discussions with numerous international distributors, potential funding sources and great business partners. It has paid off immeasurably.”

Yossi Somer,