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What do we offer?

Organizational success is predicated on effective management – Next Step delivers customized, interactive management and leadership development programs.


Leadership can be learned through Next Step’s practical and modular programs.

Leadership Training Programs At all stages of organizational growth, management skills are essential for business and personal success.  Next Step’s modular management curriculum provides training and tools for employees newly promoted into management, engineers taking on people development for the first time, managers of remote virtual teams and cross-functional project managers. To prepare clients’ future executive teams, our Pocket MBA program provides a modular, customized 6 month leadership development platform for growth. Coaching (either by Next Step’s team or the training program participant’s manager) using Next Step’s Developmental Coaching process, maximizes retention of learning and clients’ return on training investment. Next Step’s practical leadership training programs are proven to provide a platform for a company and growth.

Training Programs Available:

All programs can be offered via online self-study, web-based training, video or in person workshops.

How can we help you?

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What Our Clients Say

“Thanks to Next Step, our company has gone from heavily reliant on one large client for a majority of our revenue to an equally distributed and disparate client base today – this gives us the sustainability that we really need for the future. Implementing Next Step’s recommended sales process has taken time but has also really paid off.”

Connie Howard, ETMG

Situational Leadership