About Next Step

Next Step, is a global consulting firm founded by  Silicon Valley veteran Jennifer Vessels.  Services are customized for each client and delivered by selected members of Next Step’s 40 person global team.  Each consultant brings hands-on experience in sales, marketing, commercialization, innovation, digital business and organizational leadership.

Next Step’s proven best practices and processes combined with the team’s skills ensure client results at all stages of each project.

Clients Served:

As companies expand from startup to midmarket and beyond, there are often plateaus in successful growth. This is when companies turn to Next Step to expand into new markets, build sales teams and processes, develop partnerships and increase customers, revenue and scalability. Next Step delivers Revenue Growth for small to mid-size companies

Across all industries, midmarket companies and enterprises must adapt business models, processes and customer engagement to address new competitors, changing customer demands and profitability pressures.

Next Step’s Approach:

Since each client’s growth requirements are different, Next Step engagements start with an efficient assessment of the area which will have greatest initial impact on results. Then, the right team members are identified and the project is kicked off. Through each phase of work, the Next Step team members work holistically, collaboratively and often remotely to deliver resources, tools, materials, workshops, training programs and coaching services customized for the client.

The breadth of commercialization and transformation skills within the team, combined with a well-honed business process, means that Next Step is uniquely able to deliver real revenue and profitability results.  Services are provided on a fixed fee or deliverable basis for each phase. This has led to over 400% return on investment within one to two years reported by clients.

Why Work With Next Step:

  • Holistic, proven approach to scalability and business transformation
  • Accountability for delivering results
  • Demonstrated return on consulting investment
  • Easy to budget fixed fee, project based business model
  • Global expertise delivered locally or virtually
  • Commitment and collaboration for client success
  • Strategy development combined with hands-on implementation
  • Extensive global network of partners, corporate leaders, investors and entrepreneurs.

Engage Next Step When Need to:

  • Increase revenue or profitability results
  • Expand into new markets, industries and business models
  • Grow partner and channel reach, sales and results
  • Transform your business to maximize profitability, market valuation and future success
  • Gain market share and increase competitive position
  • Innovate and digitalize to increase commercial results
  • Increase productivity of future-ready workforce
  • Enhance customer experience and loyalty
  • Improve company market valuation for investment, exit, or expansion.
Increase in client revenue
Increase in client market value
ROI reported by clients
“The approach, facilitation style and knowledge of the Next Step Senior Consultants who collaborated with our team to build and facilitate our Sales Kickoff Meeting made a real difference. The program exceeded all of our expectations and positions Websense well for another great year ahead.”
Jan Sharer, Websense
“The workshop content is VERY relevant to anyone in business – very, very useful.”
Steve Brauer, Bauer Insurance Services
“While working with Next Step, Deep Root’s growth has been extraordinary – we have met our goals and are in the best possible position for the New Year. Thank you to the Next Step team – we couldn’t be where we are today without you.”
Graham Ray, Deep Root
“Already in only 3 months since engagement, Next Step has delivered results and been instrumental in dealing with some major issues within our organization.” 
Suzy Ekman, POWIS