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Digitalization – Is Your Business Ready?

2017-07-29T19:28:53+00:00 06-15-2017|

Through effective use and leverage of technology, service-based business models and enhanced customer experience, organizations such as Adobe, Daimler Benz, Hilton and Schibsted Finn have achieved growth in revenue, profit and market valuation. Across all industries, digital capabilities, along with new market dynamics and buying patterns are driving the need for [...]

Digitalization – The Next Step to Success

2017-07-29T19:34:48+00:00 05-10-2017|

“Those who don’t change will become extinct”. In 2015, IDC predicted that 30% of the top companies in any industry would be overtaken by a new competitor by 2017. Reality shows this was a conservative view. With rapid time to market for new offerings, global competition and rising customer expectations, successful [...]

Venture Capital: The Dream or Curse?

2017-08-18T18:51:21+00:00 05-10-2017|

To many entrepreneurs, a key milestone on the path of success is attracting and securing venture funding. An even greater aspiration is funding from a US investor. However, if you really want to build a lasting, high-value company, venture capital might actually be damaging to your success. When you take VC [...]

Building an Innovation Culture – Silicon Valley Style

2017-07-29T19:35:40+00:00 05-09-2017|

Innovation is one of the most critical contributors to national and global growth. Achievement of sustained success in areas such as Silicon Valley, can be attributed to many factors leading to an Innovation Culture. Initially, (1960-70’s) Silicon Valley grew through government investment (in defense), universities (Stanford and Berkeley) and bright technical/scientific [...]

Leading in a Digitalized World

2017-07-29T19:36:03+00:00 04-26-2017|

The ubiquitous use of technology, from apps such as Uber, artificial intelligence by Facebook through robotics in all industries is driving change in the way company’s view and utilize ‘human resources’. For all, digitalization brings change, which requires new perspectives, ways of working and employment structures. In recent panel discussion between [...]

Travel Value Network of the Future: Role of Digitalization

2017-07-29T19:37:07+00:00 04-15-2017|

Capturing the Lucrative Traveler’s Loyalty: Role of Digitalization: Like all industries, the world of travel is evolving rapidly through technological innovation and changing consumer demographics. As many studies* have shown, the lucrative tourists of the future are middle class residents of USA, Central Europe, China and Middle East, who leverage technology [...]

You have a Patent: So What?

2017-08-18T18:57:03+00:00 04-15-2017|

For many global entrepreneurs, patents may be viewed as an important part of Intellectual Property and of great value to the entrepreneur. In the Nordic, we have heard that a patent ‘ensures a 20-year monopoly’. However, in Silicon Valley, a patent is simply a document of how something could be created.Success [...]

The Travelers Journey via Value Travel Value Network

2017-07-29T19:37:33+00:00 04-03-2017|

Like all industries, the world of travel is evolving rapidly through technological innovation and changing consumer demographics. The ubiquity of technology today makes it easy for travelers to learn about various destinations, then select and book flights, rooms, tours and many related products and services – all from mobile or web [...]

2020 Vision – Digitalization for Successful Future

2017-07-29T21:07:22+00:00 02-07-2017|

Welcome to the global economy, characterized by rapid, disruptive change and accelerating adoption of new technologies. Are you and your organization positioned to remain competitive in the face of these fundamental transformations? And are you well-prepared with a strategy to proactively address tomorrow’s challenges? In 2015, IDC predicted that 30% of [...]

Digitalization: From Product Vendor to Service Provider

2017-07-29T21:11:04+00:00 02-04-2017|

Successful Business Transformation to the Cloud Companies in virtually every industry can deliver unprecedented value to their customers through new technologies. By embracing the power and ubiquity of digitalization, organizations can transform from product vendors to service providers with strong customer loyalty, sustainable and recurring revenue and ultimately higher valuations. Through [...]