General E-Mail Writing Guidelines


Practice Good Etiquette Reduce long threads of forwards Summarize threads forconvenience and to improve understanding Copy only those to whom the e-mail is relevant Clearly identify why the recipient is receiving the e-mail and what you would like them to do. […]

Building Organizational Capacity through Accountability


In today’s world, many leaders struggle to understand what accountability really means: is it simply holding people responsible for their defined obligations – or is it something more? Your understanding of accountability determines your response when a crisis strikes and a project is at risk. A leadership style and how one [...]

Gaining Productivity in a Multi-Generational Workforce


Since 2008, Next Step has provided consulting and advisory services to client companies with multi-generational workforces–managers and employees ranging in age from 19 to 92 enabling clients to achieve greater cohesion and productivity across the generations. […]