Embracing Tomorrow: AI and Humanoid Robots

The Unstoppable Tide of Technology 2024 presents a dynamic landscape, with shifts like evolving climate conditions to geopolitical transformations and the redefinition of ‘work’ as Gen Z steps into leadership roles. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly integrated into our day-to-day lives and [...]

Change is the Only Constant

The paradigm has shifted. The rate of change is nearly 200% faster than ever and expected to accelerate by 33% during ’24 – driven by technology advancements, geopolitics, and economics. Nearly half of global CEOs recognize they must transform or risk dying -within [...]

Why Change? The New Reality of Work is Here

Imagine walking into the lobby of your local bank, saying hi to the teller you’ve become friendly with, and adjourning to a side room for a private one-on-one meeting with your personal financial advisor — all without leaving the comfort of your home, [...]

Deliver Customer Value to Build Loyalty

Increasing global competition, ubiquitous access to a plethora of choices, personalized marketing and new consumer buying habits are making customer loyalty more critical and difficult for all organizations. The key to loyalty  is delivering value to customers – in their eyes.  Similar to [...]

Stop Talking Start Innovating

Achieving Success Silicon Valley Style Talk about innovation is everywhere – in board rooms, conferences, employee meetings and university classes. In 2019, it is estimated that billions of dollars will be spent developing innovation competency in corporations, ministries and society. However, to gain [...]

Decide, Move, Innovate Silicon Valley Style

Corporate innovation initiatives are top of mind for executives – but often slowed due to long decision processes and planning. Innovation is about trying something and being willing to suffer the string of failed experiments necessary to get to success. Silicon Valley style [...]

Innovation Requires Foresight – Skate to Where Puck is Going

Innovation is all about anticipating future needs then designing, piloting and scaling new solutions to address the tomorrow’s challenges. Successful business leaders and entrepreneurs require foresight into the minds, concerns and opportunities of their customers and markets. Through this they are able to [...]

Embrace Change for Success in 2109

New year is time to embrace change. Today's rapid growth in AI, compute power, ubiquity of IoT combined with changing customer behavior will disrupt all traditional businesses. Now is the time to ask HOW to begin the change. Exec Growth Alliance members gain [...]

Digitalization: The Path to Employee Engagement

The Robots are Here: Good news - for employees? While robots which vacuum the carpet, mow the lawn or deliver lunch are cute time savers, their possible entry into the workplace can be scary. Employees who have spent years performing a routine task [...]

Success in Changing World

Climate change, political unrest, and corporate disruption are today's reality. Those who may have doubted that change was necessary now recognize that evolution is required for survival. The question is now HOW to change. Business transformation for future success requires: Executive commitment to [...]