Stop Talking Start Innovating

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Stop talking, start innovating Achieving Success Silicon Valley Style Talk about innovation is everywhere – in board rooms, conferences, employee meetings and university classes. In 2019, it is estimated that billions of dollars will be spent developing innovation competency in corporations, ministries and society. However, to gain real returns, business leaders [...]

Decide, move, innovate Silicon Valley Style

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Corporate innovation initiatives are top of mind for executives – but often slowed due to long decision processes and planning. Innovation is about trying something and being willing to suffer the string of failed experiments necessary to get to success. Silicon Valley style mindset is about action but for a large [...]

Innovation Requires Foresight – Skate to Where Puck is Going

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Innovation is all about anticipating future needs then designing, piloting and scaling new solutions to address the tomorrow’s challenges. Successful business leaders and entrepreneurs require foresight into the minds, concerns and opportunities of their customers and markets. Through this they are able to build and offer solutions to needs that customers [...]

Embrace Change for Success in 2109

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New year is time to embrace change. Todays rapid growth in AI, compute power, ubiquity of IOT combined with changing customer behavior will disrupt all traditional businesses. Now is the time to ask HOW to begin the change. Exec Growth Alliance members gain insight and best practices to effectively drive change [...]

Digitalization: The Path to Employee Engagement

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The Robots are Here: Good news - for employees? While robots which vacuum the carpet, mow the lawn or deliver lunch are cute time savers, their possible entry into the workplace can be scary. Employees who have spent years performing a routine task can be threatened by the idea of technology [...]