Where are the unicorns? 

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There are 309 private companies around the world valued at $1B+ as of 1/18/2019. Collectively these companies are worth as much as $1,085B and have raised a combined total of nearly $261B. Last year, 111 new companies joined the global unicorn club — a 56% increase from the 71 new unicorns in 2017. The unicorns are [...]

Innovation Lessons from Cirque du Soliel

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Successful innovation requires agility to address changing customer needs and competitive threats; Creativity to design new solutions to future problems and empowerment of team members – to adapt, fail and take a different approach.   In fact corporate innovation is an art and a science. Executed well it is beautiful. In fulfilling [...]

Are you ready to be a Super Hero in 2019?

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Super Hero’s are engaged, empowered and ready to make an impact this year. However, recent studies show that over 70% of people feel - little or no involvement or engagement in work and feel their jobs are simply a way to earn a wage’. For leaders, employee’s lack of engagement can [...]