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Venture Capital: The Dream or Curse?


To many entrepreneurs, a key milestone on the path of success is attracting and securing venture funding. An even greater aspiration is funding from a US investor. However, if you really [...]

You have a Patent: So What?


For many global entrepreneurs, patents may be viewed as an important part of Intellectual Property and of great value to the entrepreneur. In the Nordic, we have heard that a patent [...]

Innovate Daily to Remain Relevant


Innovation is key to success and adaptability of people, teams and companies. As the pace of change accelerates through greater global access, increasing ubiquity of technology and changing competitive landscapes, we [...]

Innovation Culture


Innovation, a person or organization’s ability to create and adapt to new ideas or solutions is critical to success. It drives productivity and profitability as well as personal happiness. The growth of areas [...]

Flexible Worker Model


The Age of the New Worker Model: How to Safely Navigate Legal Obstacles and Reach Your Goal of Flexibility and Scalability” Workers and businesses alike favor flexibility and independence.  Work only [...]