As we move into the new year, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of latest news and technology, forgetting the importance of human connection. For business leaders, success in ’23 will come through personalized customer service and collaboration with teams, partners, and peers. Insights from our global clients and collaboration partners indicate that the 3 Cs of success this year are:

  • Customer experience: The #1 priority for executives in ’23 will be delivering excellent customer service (Forbes). Companies in which leaders fully understand the goals of their key customers, then co-create or personalize their offerings to directly address their needs achieve up to 30% greater revenue and competitive advantage (Forrester).
  • Collaboration: Coming out of COVID, collaboration (in person and virtual) with customers, co-workers, suppliers, and global peer networks is highly valued AND delivers 25-50% greater productivity (McKinsey / Forbes).
  • Commitment: People who set, write down and then share their goals are consistently 30% more successful (Inc.). Committing at the start of the year to prioritize, collaborate and explore new approaches and technologies including AI, VR, Web 3 is how successful leaders will achieve their professional AND personal objectives in ’23.

While these fast-growing technologies are anticipated to play an increasing role in business and life over the next 5-7 years, we believe ’23 is the year of people. Personalized, human-centric customer service and collaboration to achieve your commitments.

2023 is full of opportunities for those who embrace the Three Cs (while keeping an eye on the Technology frontier). NOW is the time to…

  • Commit: to the goals you want to accomplish this year. Ask yourself – what will I be most proud of achieving by Dec 31 ’23?
  • Collaborate: with customers, team members, industry partners. Look for spaces that encourage global dialogue, peer learning, sharing ideas and experiences
  • Learn: Embrace and use new tech (chatGPT, Web 3 / AR / Metaverse / 3D gaming applications
  • Act: Talk to customers to understand the needs, desires, goals for most important customers and deliver personalized services (starting with relevant marketing messages)

See you all on the other side!