Transform to Enhance Value

Due to changing buying patterns, digitalization and global competition, enterprises today must transform to agilely address customer, employee and market needs for continued profitable growth  Next Step’s proven approach to digitalization and business transformation has led to enhanced profitability and market valuation of Adobe,  Autodesk, Goodwill Industries, Live Nation, Nevion ShoreTel and many other global organization.

Business Transformation Process:

Next Step’s Business Transformation Process is a blueprint for companies as they expand into new business models and implement digitalization within their organization. Through a practical process, Next Step facilitates the client’s team through planning, design and implementation of:

  1. Market and opportunity understanding and development
  2. Customer journey definition, monitoring, adaptation and feedback process development
  3. Value network partner/ stakeholder engagement
  4. Organizational readiness and adaptability
  5. Technology and services development and implementation
  6. Integrated delivery and communications with all stakeholders

This is completed through the following services:

  • Future Ready Assessment
  • Digitalization Opportunity Analysis
  • Business Case and Financial Modeling for Digital Business Opportunities
  • Customer and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Organizational Readiness, Competency and Team Development
  • Digital Solution Planning
  • Business Plan and Financial Modeling Framework

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Challenge: Increase sustainability, customer satisfaction and market valuation through predictable revenue stream from digital solution delivery.

Result: Adobe’s Cloud Solutions have exceeded expectations delivering significantly higher customer experience, partner growth, employee engagement along with a 300% increase in company market value.

Digital Executive Forum Program

Next Step’s Digital Executive Forums provide opportunities for executives to meet regularly in small roundtable workshops to share best practices, learn and support one another in Business Transformation. Contact us for information on a Digital Executive Forum in your area.

Thanks to Next Step, our recent Creative Suites launches have delivered real revenue improvements from the channel – 20% increase and highest number of orders ever in one week for Adobe.

Lisa Graham Adobe

Our business is in a completely difference place with revenues over budget and many opportunities to achieve my vision for the future.

Bob Swederoe, Expandable

Thanks to Next Step, our company has gone from heavily reliant on one large client for a majority of our revenue to an equally distributed and disparate client base today – this gives us the sustainability that we really need for the future. Implementing Next Step’s recommended sales process has taken time but has also really paid off.

Connie Howard, Envision Technology Marketing Group

The knowledge, experience, and adaptability that Next Step brings to each engagement is unusual – you deliver proven approaches and are accountable for results.

Michelle Networks, Juniper Networks