2022 – the year of inflation, unstable financial markets, global worker shortages, war, and socio-economic conflicts. It was also a year of accelerated innovation with over $900 billion invested globally in R&D.

This has led to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, AR/VR, quantum computing and practical applications of Web 3 technology.

So What Will Life 3.0 be Like in the Post-Covid Paradigm?

New perspectives on life, work, and sustainability, combined with the power of AI, VR and Web 3.0, open new opportunities. We call this Life 3.0 – in which our physical and digital realities blend, and we collaborate to co-create solutions to real challenges in decentralized, autonomous organizations. 

What does this mean for you? 

We don’t have a ‘crystal ball,’ but from Next Step’s research, combined with our work with global clients and the Executive Growth Alliance, we believe that: 

The world will become more interconnected – and global innovation ecosystems will overtake traditional company-to-company interactions.


Organizations will become leaner, more flexible, and more resilient. “Work” as defined by a 9-to-5 full-time job is history.


Technology including AI/AR and initial Web 3 applications will become even more indispensable – life without them will become nearly impossible.


A clear sense of purpose, empowerment, agility, and collaboration will be imperative for leaders – those who stick with the old model will be displaced.

What can you do NOW to prepare for Life 3.0 in 2023 and beyond?

Think: about your purpose, goals for the future and ways you can learn, adapt, and collaborate with others to prepare for Life 3.0. Get in touch if you would like a ‘sounding board’. 

Ask: clearly what your future-ready success in 2023 will look like. Involve your teams in articulating a shared vision and goals for next year. Book a visioning workshop with Next Step.

Do:  Join the final ‘22 Executive Growth Circle to collaborate with future-ready global leaders or check out the Executive Growth Circle schedule for 2023. Get in touch to book a place. 

It’s never too early — or too late — to start planning for the future. With Next Step’s services and EGA’s global community of open, committed, brave leaders, you don’t have to go into Life 3.0 in ’23 alone.