Super Hero’s are engaged, empowered and ready to make an impact this year. However, recent studies show that over 70% of people feel – little or no involvement or engagement in work and feel their jobs are simply a way to earn a wage’.

For leaders, employee’s lack of engagement can impact productivity and future ability to attract and retain quality talent. This is especially true in the global competition for top digital talent – who can be the future SuperHero’s. Most 18 – 35 years seek opportunities in which they can be challenged, engaged and feel fully empowered to make a difference through their job.

Going into 2019, consider how you can be more engaged – ask for new opportunities, challenges and areas in which you can learn and apply new skills to be a Super Hero. Then begin the year talking with employees about their career goals to explore new ways for greater engagement.

New challenges and skills can create new opportunities and trigger engagement. Leadership Silicon Valley Style is built on Super Heros who are empowered to impact change and growth into the future.