Investment in future-ready leadership is essential to a company’s successful growth.

Back in 2019, companies allocated $3.5 billion for leadership training, but often employees were not able to apply the concepts taught during the training in their actual workplace. This resulted in wasted investments.

How can companies ensure that they receive real returns on leadership investments –– including increased productivity and revenue?

The Answer: Peer learning and application through Global Peer Circles.

In the Executive Growth Alliance (EGA), leaders learn through experience, application, and collaboration. By engaging in Executive Growth Circles (EGCs) they gain insight and techniques to address specific requirements in. During each circle, EGA peers from disparate backgrounds share fresh ideas and real-world experiences. Unlike internal leadership training focused on internal company needs, leaders’ work in Executive Growth Circles is exploratory, active learning.

EGCs are an environment for problem-solving and concept implementation through consistent collaboration with peers from across the globe – removing the limits of traditional training programs.

EGA certified Catalysts prepare and facilitate peers’ work in the EGC to address Specific Actionable Challenges. Peers are challenged to share and find solutions to common problems and co-create new opportunities. It is a process of peers begetting shared creativity to build for the future. EGCs provide a long-term space for peer leaders to learn, develop experience and confidence – holding one another accountable to take Committed Actions and share Key Learnings.

Therefore, investments in Executive Growth Alliance will be invaluable because it creates a culture of leadership development and future-ready implementation via collaboration.