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Transform for Success in Digital Future

2017-11-08T18:39:59+00:00 11-17-2017|

By 2020, half of the current Global 100 companies will be marginalized by new or more nimble competitors according to IDC. For business leaders, the question is no longer whether to transform their business to succeed in the digital world but how to adapt, develop new revenue streams and delight global [...]

Digital Business: Imperative Not an Option for Customer Success

2017-11-08T18:41:43+00:00 11-17-2017|

How to Get Started Now In 2015, IDC predicted that within three years the top 30% of companies in all industries would be seriously challenged by an innovative competitor. Today, only two years later, this seems conservative as Tesla, Uber, and others overtake the automotive industry, Amazon dominates retail globally and [...]

The Robots are Coming: Good News for Employees

2017-10-20T23:39:57+00:00 10-12-2017|

While using augmented reality games or tools such as Alexia can be cool, robotics, AI and VR in the workplace are scary for many people. For business leaders chartered with digitalization, this creates a dilemma as successful technology adoption requires full engagement and support of staff members. Faced with change, employees [...]

If Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

2017-10-07T05:08:16+00:00 10-03-2017|

With large customer bases, heavy investment in technology such as machine learning, the “Big Four” global technology companies are growing rapidly. A key strategy for Google, Amazon, and Microsoft has been acquisition – of small innovative companies in similar or adjacent industries or traditional companies (such as Amazon’s purchase of Whole [...]

Entrepreneurship: Learned or Built Through Experience

2017-09-27T12:54:51+00:00 09-19-2017|

Entrepreneurship is everywhere! Traditional business executives fearing disruption or even extinction, need to innovate, transform and become entrepreneurial. Many attend seminars and courses to ‘learn innovation’, while others seek to hire graduates of ‘entrepreneurship programs’. While these approaches can provide new ideas, real entrepreneurism and innovation are not taught but are [...]

Digital Business Blues: Creating Success From Change

2017-08-21T01:33:39+00:00 08-21-2017|

Due to the constantly changing demands of businesses and consumers—combined with the power and ubiquity of technology—business leaders all around the world, from the Nordics and Europe to the Americas, recognize that transformation is crucial for the survival of their organizations. According to Forrester Research, this transition into the digital age [...]

Digital Change: Commit, Create, Collaborate

2017-09-28T13:04:06+00:00 08-12-2017|

To meet rapidly changing customer demands and address global competition, business leaders must leverage the power of digitalization to transform for growth. This can be scary, exciting or depressing - natural reactions for people when adapting to new ways to work and live. However, some of the greatest innovations and companies [...]

Leading in Digital World: Keys to Success

2017-10-19T03:40:28+00:00 05-12-2017|

Digital transformation means new revenue models, operational efficiency, increased global access and value creation. It also provides new opportunities for engagement and development of people - employees, leaders, partners, and suppliers. For successful transformation, managers need to: Gain understanding and desire for change across the organization through the cross-functional task force [...]

Leading in Digital World

2017-10-19T03:26:47+00:00 04-21-2017|

Digitalization ie the use of technology to reach new customers and improve efficiency is changing all aspects of our work, life, and environment. Success in this new world requires adaptation of leadership approaches, roles, and skills. A recent Gallup poll showed that 92% of executives recognize that fully embracing 'digitalization' requires [...]

Success from Customer Innovation in Changing World

2017-10-19T03:03:36+00:00 03-31-2017|

Change is happening in all aspects of business, politics, and society; however, success still starts with delighted customers. In today's 'digital' world, a deep understanding of customer needs is increasingly critical. As choices and access are evolving quickly, the companies such as Adobe, Facebook, Sketchers, and Hilton are using cloud service [...]