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Entrepreneurship: Learned or Built Through Experience

2017-09-19T02:09:31+00:00 09-19-2017|

Entrepreneurship is everywhere! Traditional business executives fearing disruption or even extinction, need to innovate, transform and become entrepreneurial. Many attend seminars and courses to ‘learn innovation’, while others seek to hire graduates of ‘entrepreneurship programs’. While these approaches can provide new ideas, real entrepreneurism and innovation are not taught but are [...]

Digital Business Blues: Creating Success From Change

2017-08-21T01:33:39+00:00 08-21-2017|

Due to the constantly changing demands of businesses and consumers—combined with the power and ubiquity of technology—business leaders all around the world, from the Nordics and Europe to the Americas, recognize that transformation is crucial for the survival of their organizations. According to Forrester Research, this transition into the digital age [...]