Within the Executive Growth Alliance, peers from US, Europe, Latin America and Africa collaborate to solve Specific Actionable Challenges. At the conclusion of each Executive Growth Circle (EGC), all participants are challenged to commit to action with accountability to apply the insights gained during the EGC.

When they reconvene for the next EGC, all will share their newfound knowledge (i.e., key learning) from application of knowledge in their workplace.

More than anything previously, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the impact and connectivity of our global society. In today’s global economy, properly tapping into international markets is necessary for growth and innovations.

Through collaboration and application of insights in the real world EGA members have recently learned:

  1. Cultural competency and intercultural collaboration are essential. The pursuit of understanding one’s culture allows businesses to reach a level of genuine understanding then the business model can be tailored to better fit another’s cultural values.
  2. It is critical to understand, build and leverage your current relationships and assets. Consistently facilitate communication with employees and/or clients at global corporate locations to see what they have to say and utilize that to inform your next steps.
  3. Importance of investing time to devise a workflow that efficiently produces results.
  4. There is no need to go it alone or to ‘reinvent the wheel’. By working with peers, a leader can benefit from others experience with successful projects with similar objectives.

EGA is a global community of Open Committed Brave leaders who collaborate to prepare for the future. Through facilitated peer circles, they address common challenges and co-create new opportunities – gaining leadership skills, confidence, partners; enhanced corporate sustainability and impact on society.

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