Ever wonder how the best athletes and business leaders continually excel, rise above challenges and win against all odds?

Their secret is a coach – someone behind the scenes who watches, listens and guides them through hurdles to success. Coaching for Success is not reserved only for the rich and famous – many sales people, managers, entrepreneurs and employees who simply need to get out of a slump gain significant benefits from coaching.

Studies by HBR and IDC show Success Coaching leads to 17% greater revenue growth as well as up to 50% improvement in employee engagement. To gain these results from coaching, both parties must commit to regularly scheduled sessions, open/honest engagement and the time necessary to prepare for and apply insights gained from each coaching session.

The power of Success Coaching is positive thinking, insightful questions, empathetic listening and a mutual commitment to success. It allows a person to discover ways to enhance their success – not be told what to do or shown what someone else would do.

Coaching is Asking, Best Practices is Showing and Feedback is Telling A Success Coach can be an independent consultant or one’s own manager who is trained as a Success Coach. In fact, sales managers who learned Success Coaching techniques then spent > 3 hours per week coaching their reps achieve 28% greater sales and bottom line results, according to Sales Leadership Institute.

The key to Success Coaching is the ability to patiently ask questions, provide reflection and help the coachee identify the best path to success.

Success is available to all – get in touch with me if you would like to schedule a Success Coaching session or learn more about how your organization can benefit from the power of Success Coaching.