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Digitalization is More than Technology Usage by Next Step |   posted: 03/14/2017

Today, ‘digitalization’ is the hot topic, buzzword and goal of most organizations – from industrial companies through startups and public / government entities. However the term ‘digitalization’ is frequently (mis) used to describe use of mobile and other technology in one’s daily life and work.

Real digitalization of an organization involves:

  • Delivering solutions to customers through technology (ie ‘solution as a service’, software, platform / API integration)
  • Gathering, understanding and leveraging data on actual customer behavior through software, sensors, analytics and / or artificial intelligence
  • Designing solutions with your customer to ensure your company and your clients’ are prepared to deliver real value to the next generation of millennial buyers.
  • Integration of complementary offerings into the value network of solutions provided to your customer – across and via a technology platform.

Through using technology, business leaders today can enhance customer satisfaction and revenues while future-proofing their and their customer’s business. Contact Next Step to learn more about Digitalization for Success and the results of our business model transformation services for Adobe, ShoreTel, Precise and many other global organizations.

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