Networking effectively for business growth and development is critical to your success during periods of both economic boom and uncertainty.  Having a strategy for building up your network is key.

Successful networking requires planning and perseverance. Statistics show that an opportunity resulting from a new business contact takes, on average, seven to twelve “touches”, with each touch adding to the value that you can offer the desired contact.  Since 1997, Next Step has helped hundreds of individuals, leaders, and companies develop and implement effective networking techniques—an important part of a successful business planning strategy.

Some keys to networking and successful lead generation include:

Define, in 60 seconds, the value that you bring to potential contacts. Deliver it in a clear, concise, and compelling manner, and always include:

  • The problem you solve or can solve for your listener
  • How you solve the problem — uniquely
  • Proof point, validation, and testimonial
  • A call to action
  • Continue to build the relationship by being an increasingly trustworthy resource to your contact
  • Define a networking plan with clear, targeted goals, and hand out business cards to those contacts that fit your target.
  • Consider networking as an opportunity in research and marketing. Develop quality leads by spending the time listening to fellow networkers and the issues that come up naturally in conversation.

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