Entrepreneurship is everywhere! Traditional business executives fearing disruption or even extinction, need to innovate, transform and become entrepreneurial.

Many attend seminars and courses to ‘learn innovation’, while others seek to hire graduates of ‘entrepreneurship programs’. While these approaches can provide new ideas, real entrepreneurism and innovation are not taught but are learned by practice. “Silicon Valley Style” entrepreneurs take risks, passionately solve real problems and gain experience by working in multiple companies. Through this, they learn ‘hands-on’ how to build and lead a team through agile development and customer adoption to profitable growth.

While young founders Marc Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs succeeded by learning from mentors and activity, most successful entrepreneurs are over age 40 and have experience in at least three companies before branching off on their own.

Established companies such as Google, Tesla, GE, Kongsberg Gruppen or Telenor can provide a great foundation for future entrepreneur while gaining fresh thinking and developing new solutions for the future.

Innovation and entrepreneurship cannot be ‘taught’ in a course but learned through practice including taking risks and using passion and creativity to succeed.