Attracting the Best Talent is Not Enough

According to Next Step, there are three primary categories that managers need to pay careful attention to in order to achieve high retention rates. The categories are defined from an employee perspective, which includes being valued, supported, and engaged. When an employee feels that these categories are sufficiently met, then he/she will be both more effective and find more satisfaction in their jobs. Employees that are valued, supported and engaged stay at organizations longer.

‘Questions to Ask Employees’
Below are a few key questions that an employee needs to be asked in each of the primary job satisfaction categories of value, support, and engagement:

  • Do I enjoy what I am doing, and am I effective in my role in the organization?
  • Do others recognize my contribution to the organization and do I regularly receive feedback from my superiors?
  • Am I provided with the opportunities to grow both personally and professionally?

All three categories are important components for achieving high employee retention rates. Employees want to feel valued and be supported by your organization, in order to be fully engaged and productive. In fact, an engaged employee is fully committed to their work and the company and can deliver 200% greater results — including bottom line profits.