While the future will be different, tomorrow will come. By managing fear, keeping perspective and embracing new ways of working, we can each take the next step forward with PEACE.

Perspective: Use this time to reflect, learn and adapt

Exploration: Alternative ways to work, connect, use technology, reach customers

Action: Try something new, finish an overdue project, reach out to others virtually

Collaboration: Use technology to stay connected and co-create new paths

Empowerment: Encourage, congratulate and recognize others as they adapt

Challenging times require us to regroup, rethink and create new paths forward with PEACE. AirBnB, Uber, Google and Slack were founded during downturns. Innovation starts with Perspective. New ideas, opportunities and services are built through exploration, action, collaboration and empowerment.

PEACE can lead to a better future for you and society. Start by taking a moment to consider how you can embrace change and move forward into the new future.

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