Peer Case Activity at “Get Future Ready Now” EGA Summit, 28th August 2019 with Jennifer Vessels

According to 80 global executives from around the world who attended Executive Growth Alliance Summit in Oslo Norway on 28th August, “The future starts now”.

They came to “Get Future Ready Now” and left with commitments to:

  • Think Big and say yes to new opportunities
  • Have more open conversations with customers, partners, competitors and peers
  • Challenge oneself and others
  • Take risks and share learning including failures
  • Embrace and seek diversity

There were many iconic moments during the Summit and one of those time was the collaboration among participants during the “Peer Case Activity”. For this activity, participants were seated with 6-8 peers including one Smart Leader at each table to simulate an Executive Growth Forum.  The case provided was ‘How to create a future-ready open innovation organizational culture – through each leader’s personal demonstration of innovation, creativity, collaboration”.

Through open sharing and Smart Guide facilitation, each table group addressed:

  1. How are you (personally) being innovative today – in your work or life?
  2. What will you do after today to be innovative and demonstrate future-readiness?
  3. How can we as peers (tablemates) support one another after the Summit?

The debrief revealed plans to: Listen more, take risks, reflect, embrace diversity, challenge oneself and others, talk openly to customers and partners, learn from peers in other industries.

There were commitments to continue peer dialogues and collaboration initiated during the summit through: regular check ins with peers, creation of a WhatsApp group, calling to challenge one another and invitations to join the Executive Growth Alliance.



How to get involved with Executive Growth Alliance?

Executive Growth Alliance membership is available to qualified companies and leaders who demonstrate their commitment to future-readiness during the selection process. To understand the value, you and your organization can gain as well as your eligibility, you are invited to experience the power of peer collaboration on real world cases during one of the upcoming Executive Growth Forums in Oslo:

Executive Growth Forum space is very limited so please contact Jennifer Vessels – [email protected] or (47) 90230982 to confirm participation.

About the Executive Growth Alliance:

The Executive Growth Alliance is empowered by Next Step of Silicon Valley which has delivered scalability and business transformation for Adobe, Autodesk, Avinor, Google, Mitel, Nevion, PaloAlto Networks, Tandberg and many more companies across all industries through their 40 global consultants.  For more information see: or