Highlights of EGA Summit – 28th August 2019

“The future starts now” according to 80 global executives from Norway, Europe, UK, US and Africa during the  Get Future Ready Now EGA Summit in Oslo Norway,  August 2019.
















They came to “Get Future Ready Now” and left with commitments to:

  • Think Big and say yes to new opportunities
  • Have more open conversations with customers, partners, competitors and peers
  • Challenge oneself and others
  • Take risks and share learning including failures
  • Embrace and seek diversity

Lighting the Fire

The day started with Jennifer Vessels’ Silicon Valley to Oslo view of why future-readiness is critical for growth.  Her fiery inspiration was kindled through perspectives from global thought leaders:


Chris Kutarna (Oxford Fellow/Author) opened by asking “Why is today is a unique moment?” He then took us back 500 years to see the renaissance of human dynamics, patterns and innovation before leaving participants with the question “Are you stuck in past or liberated to embrace future possibilities?”.


Thomas Anglero (Innovation Director IBM) answered with “Liberation comes through taking personal responsibility for where you are today and future actions”. He challenged all to face the future including the power of technology by getting in touch with our humanity and soul.


Leo Bottary (Author, Thought Leader) noted ‘innovative leadership is not possible in isolation’. Future-readiness requires peer collaboration – challenging one another, asking critical questions and asking better questions.


Mita Broca (Director, Xynteo) shared an example of the sustainable impact of peer executives from Global50 multinationals collaborating to reduce plastic waste in the developing world – while enhancing leaders’ competence and future-readiness.


Cheryl Turja (Director Education, Adobe) inspired creativity and commitment to a new future – achieved through taking ‘baby steps’ forward, exploring, learning, sharing success and failures openly with peers, customers and partners.


Lance Descourouez (Master Chair, Vistage) showed the path business growth through peer collaboration with examples of how leaders have embraced opportunities to achieve 300% annual profitability growth while innovating for the future.

Fiery Dialogue between Firestarters and the participants Facilitated by Jennifer Vessels at EGA Summit

Through each of these fire-starting perspectives, participants were challenged to look inwards and become their best self and leader to embrace the future.  To put inspiration into action, Jennifer Vessels then facilitated an interactive discussion between the firestarters and participants around:

What does “being future-ready” mean to me?

While there were multiple views, all agreed it includes willingness to ask challenging questions, talk to and gain input from others, being open to diverse ideas and people, exploring, learning from success and failure and sharing openly.



What are the greatest obstacles to achieving future-readiness?

For many, the human tendency to seek and stay in the comfort zone was cited, as well as the fear of failure and perceived pressure to show ‘the good side’.  While business issues of financial restrictions, need to meet the budget, limited time, market pressure, board demands were raised, all agreed that the real obstacle is the leaders’ willingness to be creative, innovative and committed to change – for him/herself.

What is needed to get past these obstacles?

Reinforcing the comments from each of the firestarters, participants unequivocally agreed that making a personal commitment to change and demonstrating future-readiness through taking risks, asking questions, listening, reflecting and getting out of the comfort zone for themselves will enhance their organization’s future readiness.

What can I do to be more agile and demonstrate future – readiness?

Coffee dialogue over this question led to answers of…inviting open dialogue with customers and team members, taking risks, saying ‘yes and’ instead of ‘yes but’ when new ideas are presenting, being willing to fail and sharing this with others, reflecting more and becoming more real and genuine.

Executive Growth Alliance:

The Executive Growth Alliance was founded in Silicon Valley to accelerate the future-readiness and growth of Global 500 organizations within Transportation/Mobility; Environment; Industry; Consumer and Health industries.

During the “Get Future Ready Now” EGA Summit, global expansion of Executive Growth Alliance beyond Silicon Valley and Norway was announced with chapters planned for London, Benelux, Capetown and other US locations.

The Executive Growth Alliance is empowered by Next Step of Silicon Valley which has delivered scalability and business transformation for Adobe, Autodesk, Avinor, Google, Mitel, Nevion, Palo Alto Networks, Tandberg and many more companies across all industries through their 40 global consultants.  For more information see www.executivegrowthalliance.com or www.nextstepgrowth.com.

Getting Involved:

Executive Growth Alliance membership is available to qualified companies and leaders who demonstrate their commitment to future-readiness during the selection process. To understand the value you and your organization can gain from the alliance contact Jennifer Vessels on [email protected] or via phone on (1) 650 218 0902 or (47) 90230982.