Rapid advances in AI, machine learning, robotics have proven to create greater efficiency, personalized autonomous service, and productivity across all industries. While the result can be increased profitability and competitive advantage for corporations, these technology trends raise questions such as:

Will technology replace human thinking and employee contributions OR enhance and extend people’s capacity?

How can leaders best leverage the data gained through AI, while using human intuition, discretion, and judgment to make informed decisions?

What are the legal and societal implications such as disparate impact, social crediting, centralization of control of AI, ML and robotics widespread usage?

What is the role of people and how can employees prepare for career success today and tomorrow?

Join us on August 2 from 6:00 – 9:00 PM for Humans VS Machines: AI’s Impact in Today’s World Panel Discussion.

During the session experts in AI, Leadership, Employment Law / Data Security, IOT and Quantum Computing will share perspectives, experiences and real-world applications and answers to the questions above and more. Prepare for the future – register now: Human Resources VS the Machines.

I look forward to seeing you on August 2 or would welcome your questions or contributions in the meantime.