Innovation, a person or organization’s ability to create and adapt to new ideas or solutions is critical to success. It drives productivity and profitability as well as personal happiness. The growth of areas such as Silicon Valley can be attributed to an Innovation Culture.

In today’s fast-changing world, the companies that innovate have unlimited potential. Alternatively, with lower barriers to competition, globalization and growth of new (sharing, IoT, VR) economies, those who don’t innovate may be among the 30% of companies IDC predicts will be obliterated by 2018.

For sustainable business success, an Innovation Culture includes:

  • Risk taking – rewarding people for thinking big and trying new ideas
  • Diversity of people, perspectives and approaches
  • Customer driven management
  • Sense of urgency across organization
  • Teamwork
  • Mentorship across all levels and roles
  • Eco-system of partnerships and alliances

Building an Innovation Culture can lead to greater success in your career, company or client interactions.

Next Step has maximized innovation and growth for Google, PaloAltoNetworks, Medtronics, Nevion and other global companies since 1998.

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