Sales success, whether it is called “solution selling,” “challenger selling” or “provocative selling” is achieved through the sales professional’s ability to understand and address customers’ most critical needs. In the article, The End of Solution Sales, published in the Harvard Business Review, the authors try to discredit the “solution selling” technique as outdated.

While many organizations profess to use “solution selling” when they are really pushing products disguised as solutions to their customers, true positioning of a genuine solution to customers business needs is an art that is still very successful today.

Irrespective of terminology, sales success is achieved through a clear understanding and discovery of customer needs, creation of a sense of urgency in addressing the needs and application of the right solution to the needs. Even greater success can be achieved through the sales person’s demonstration of a positive return on investment by the customer.

Next Step’s clients ranging from Adobe and Cisco to DeepRootGoodwill Industries and start-ups have experienced direct improvements in revenue through our customized, modular programs which blend concepts of customer-oriented, value, solution, insight and provocative selling.

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